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About Us

PT Aneka Gas Industri is the first industrial gas company in Indonesia. The core business of PT Aneka Gas Industri is to supply industrial gases such as Oxygen, Nitrogen, and many other gases and related services to almost any industry such as metal works, metallurgy, chemical processes and petrochemical industry, electronic and electrical industry, medical and pharmaceutical industry, food and beverage industry, drinking water treatment, waste water treatment, agribusiness, etc.

Brief History

Growing through time beyond the heritage.

NV WA Hoek Machine en Zuurstof, a Dutch company, built Oxygen factory in Jakarta in 1916, and, later on, in Surabaya in 1920, and in Bandung in 1939. Meanwhile, NV Javasche Koelzoor Fabriek built Carbon Dioxide factory in Surabaya in 1924. Those two companies formed the basis for the establishment of PT Aneka Gas Industri.


In 1958, Indonesian government nationalized NV WA Hoek Machine en Zuurstof and NV Javasche Koelzoor Fabriek. NV WA Hoek became PN Zatas and NV Javasche Koelzoor became PN Asam Arang. PN Zatas underwent a rapid development and built factories in Semarang, Makassar, and Medan. In 1971 PN Asam Arang and PN Zatas was merged into a single company, PT Aneka Gas Industri, under the Department of Industry.

As the status was changed into State Owned Enterprise in 1971, PT Aneka Gas Industri had implemented operational policies such as increasing production capacity and modernizing its factories and distribution system.

In 1996, portion of government share in PT Aneka Gas Industri (Persero) was sold to Messer Griesheim GmbH (40%) and PT Tira Austenite (10%). In 1999, Messer Griesheim GmbH increased its ownership by taking over all governmentís share in PT Aneka Gas Industri (Persero). The status of PT Aneka Gas Industri turned to a Multi National Company, and the share composition is 90% of Messer Griesheim and 10% of Tira Austenite. In its further development, on January 2003 Messer sold its share in PT Aneka Gas Industri to Arief Harsono and Tira Austenite. It changed the share composition into 51% of Tira Austenite and 49% of Arief Harsono.

In 2004, Harsono family bought 100% of PT Tira Austenite share in PT Aneka Gas Industri. It automatically transferred the ownership of the company to Harsono family.
CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) more than 20%

Double Performance

PT Aneka Gas Industri upholds its vision to be the most desirable company that continuously grows and expands by utilizing natural resources for the benefit of life. It carries out its service to answer needs of industries. Having such a broad area of services and products PT Aneka Gas Industriís product portfolio covers wide range requirements of just about every branch of industry, engineering and technology. Under its new ownership and management, the companyís performance has been doubled ever since. Presently PT Aneka Gas Industri is owned by PT Aneka Mega Energi and Rachmat Harsono.

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