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Argon (Ar)

Argon is two and one half times as soluble in water as Nitrogen, having about the same solubility as Oxygen.

It is used in electric light and also used as inert gas shield for arch welding and cutting, as blanketing gas for the production of Titanium and other reactive elements, and as a protective atmosphere for growing Silicon and Germanium crystals. Argon is colorless, odorless, both as gas and liquid. Argon is considered to be an inert gas. AGI supplies Argon in liquid and gas form.


Laser, Cryobiology

Electric and Electronic

Tube and lamp filling

Glass & Lamp

Blanketing, halogen lamp, bulbs and tube

Chemical and Petrochemical

Blanketing, Sparging, Purging, Prilling


Continuous casting, Blanketing, Inerting, Metalizing, Welding Foundry, Cyrofitting, Heat treating


Research, purging pipe, O2 pressure testing, process gas chromatograph