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Liquid Petroleum Gas

The liquefied petroleum gases are butane, isobutane, propane, propylene (propene), butylenes (butenes) and any mixtures of these hydrocarbons in the generally accepted definition of the National Fire Protection Association.

The gases also denoted by terms LP-gases or LPG. They are flammable, colorless, noncorrosive, and nontoxic. The bigger component of LP gas is propane and butane. The LPG is used for:

  • As appliance fuel for space heating, water heating, boiler heating, cooking, baking, air conditioning, and refrigeration in rural and urban areas beyond the reach gas mains.
  • In bulk by utilities and industries (especially industries using kilns or furnaces which must be maintained continuously at given temperatures) as standby fuel to protect against failure or interruption of natural or artificial gas supply.
  • For space heating during the erection of buildings
  • As fuel for the entire range of industrial heating processes, especially those where the heating must be accurately controlled.
  • As fuel for such operations as poultry breeding, cotton and grain drying, tobacco curing, crop dehydration, weed burning, and orchard heating.
  • As fuel for vehicle such as trucks, buses, taxicabs, forklift trucks, and for mobile farm machinery such as tractors and harvesters.