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Medical Monitoring System (MMS)

Medigas multi-monitor
Oil rotary vacuum pumps, which maintain a high suction pressure, supply a high degree of vacuum. The packaged unit combines receiver, bacterial filter and control cabinet providing space and labor saving. Furthermore, the supply station is provided with a monitoring system to monitor the operating condition and the supply situation at any time so as to provide a continuous, consistent, safe and reliable supply of medical gases.

Area monitor
To maintain a reliable supply of medical gases, it is necessary to establish a monitoring system, which traces the flow of invisible gas from the source of supply through the piping to the section of gas use. The ancillary equipment, which is connected to the medical gas outlet, must have a high accuracy to control the medical gas flow correctly and ensuring performance to maintain this function. All of our outlet ancillary equipment, such as suction units, and humidifiers, which are in direct contact with patients and medical gas measuring equipment, is designed and manufactured ensuring the user’s safety and convenience.