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Nitrogen (N2)

Nitrogen is a true “all-rounder“ among gases. The application of Nitrogen gas is based on the exploitation of two basic characteristics, either individually or together: either Nitrogen’s low reactivity or its temperature in cryogenic liquefied form.

In its liquefied form (at a temperature of -196°C) Nitrogen is a refrigerating agent with numerous applications. Thus, for example, it is used to freeze foods, to recycle composite materials, to preserve biological materials, as a coolant in the treatment of rheumatism, and as a refrigerant for cryosurgery. As a so-called “protective gas“, Nitrogen displaces the Oxygen in the air, which can be damaging or even hazardous to many processes. In gas form, it is used as modified atmosphere gas, shielding gas in chemical, petrochemical and agro industry also for tire filling.


Continuous casting, Blanketing, Inerting, Aluminum degassing, Copper base metals, Metalizing, Welding, Shrink fitting, Scrap metal treatment, Scrap cable recovery, Cryo forming, Quenching

Chemical and Petrochemical

Drying, Blanketing, Machining, Dephasing, Freeze grinding, Debonding, Reforming fiber tiles, Plastic container disposal, Reforming plastic tubes, Used tyre disposal foaming, Sparging, Purging, Injecting

Electric and Electronic

Purging and shielding

Glass & Lamp

Blanketing, Halogen lamp, Bulbs and tube


Cryo surgery, Cryobiology


Research, Tire filling, Purging pipe, Wire stripping, etc.


Packaging MA/CA (Modified/Controlled Atmosphere), Storage MA/CA, Transportation MA/CA, Sparging, Freezing, Refrigeration, Case hardening, Rats eradication, Cryogrinding