05 May 2020

AGII books IDR 2.2 Trillion in Sales for Full Year 2019

Jakarta, 05 May 2020 – PT Aneka Gas Industri Tbk (Bloomberg Stock Code: AGII IJ) announced its Full Year 2019 Results Audited Financial Statement.

Revenue grew +6.3% year-on-year to IDR 2.2 Trillion. Gross profit grew +6.2% year-on-year to Rp 997.72 billion in 2019 from IDR 939.86 billion in 2018. Income for the year attributable to owners of the entity remained stable, grew +1.2% to IDR 100.97 billion.

AGII President Director, Bapak Rachmat Harsono, stated that “To achieve IDR 2.2 Trillion sales, The Aneka Gas Industri Team has worked hard to develop our businesses and maintain our first-mover advantage. On average, each quarter we have been growing at twice the GDP rate since 2017. We’ve seen tremendous growth driven by the Healthcare, Consumer Goods as well as Other Manufactures sector, even though we were also affected by the slowdown in Q42019 GDP growth. That said, our nation-wide network, integrated and efficient operations as well as the pass-through pricing mechanism helped maintain healthy EBITDA and Net Income Margins at 31.1% and 4.7% of sales respectively. Our Debt-to-Equity ratio is maintained at 1.13x, as the management committed to. All in all, we will continue to seek effective strategies on not only how to best grow our business, but also how to remain efficient and competitive among various economic conditions”.

FY2019 Key Highlights

  • Revenue was booked at IDR 2.20 trillion in FY2019, or increased +6.3% compared to IDR 2.07 trillion in FY2018, supported by growth from the Healthcare and Other Manufactures sector
  • Profit for the period reached IDR 103.43 billion in FY2019, or decreased by -9.6% compared to IDR 114.37 billion in the previous year, largely due to slowdown of growth in certain segments while the company booked highefinancial expenses during the same year
  • Income attributable to owners of entity was reported stable at IDR 100.97 billion in FY2019, or increased by +1.2% compared to IDR 99.73 billion in the previous year
  • FY2019 EBITDA reached IDR 685.49 billion, grew +5.8% from IDR 647.96 billion in FY2018 supported by efficient management of cost of goods sold as well as operational expenses
  • FY2019 Balance sheet remains strong with cash and cash equivalents standing at IDR 279.51 billion and Debt-to-Asset remained stable at 0.53x

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