28 Dec 2018

AGII Information Disclosure

The information as contained within this Information Disclosure is submitted to the Company’s Shareholders in line with the transaction to purchase 24.90% shares in PT Samator Gas Industri by the Company from PT Samator that was carried out on December 17, 2018.

The Company’s transaction represents transaction that contains elements of an affiliated transaction. In this regard, the purpose and objectives of this fairness opinion is in compliance with Regulation No. IX.E.1 on “Affiliated Transaction and Conflict of Interest of Certain Transactions” as prescribed within the Bapepam and LK Chairman’s Decree No. KEP-412/BL/2009 dated November 25, 2009 (“Peraturan No. IX.E.1”). Therefore, in accordance with this regulation, the Company hereby submits the Information Disclosure on the transaction that was carried out by the Company on December 17, 2018

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