04 Oct 2017

Communication Policy


The Company fully realizes the important role that shareholders and/or investors have and constantly strives to enhance shareholder and/or investor participation through effective and sustainable communications within the context of achieving the Company’s objectives.

This communication is useful to comprehend the shareholders and/or investors’ hopes and views as well as obtain suggestions and recommendations that will benefit the Company’s business interest and sustainability in future. This activity is facilitated by emailing [email protected].


The Use of Information Technology To Disseminate Information

The Company has a policy for implementing information disclosure pertaining to all vital information regarding the financial condition, performance, ownership and control, and corporate governance in an accurate and timely manner.

The Company uses its website, www.anekagas.com, as a medium for information disclosure. In addition to this, the Company also uses the www.idx.co.id website to accelerate the information dissemination process namely for information that are prescribed with the rules and regulations and by the SRO.